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Complete Your Interior With Our Full Line of Automotive Carpet and Accessories



The Canada Seat Skins Co. is now proud to offer a full range of automotive flooring options, including standard and premium carpet materials, custom floor mats, trim panels, trunk mats, tire covers and more !

All of our flooring materials are quality tested and made with true automotive grade carpet. Whether you're in the market to simply replace your vehicle's flooring with standard carpet, or upgrade to a premium material, we have you covered.


Cutpile is the standard, factory equivalent carpet material.

Made of 100% nylon, Cutpile carpeting has been a factory material in most vehicles since the mid 1970s. Available in a large range of colors.

Cutpile is also available with our premium Mass Backing upgrade.


Auto Custom Carpet Cutpile vs Essex


Essex is our premium, extra thick luxury carpet material.

Made of 100% nylon, Essex is an excellent choice when replacing your vehicle's carpet. This upgrade provides a thick, modern, plush look and feel, and can be specified for almost any vehicle.

Essex is also Mass Backing compatible.


Standard and Mass Backing :

Standard Backing is our basic backing material with no additional insulating or sound deadening qualities. Comes standard with any carpet kit.


Auto Custom Carpet Standard Backing

Auto Custom Carpet Mass Backing Upgrade


Mass Backing is a thick, ultra durable backing material upgrade that helps to insulate, deaden sound, and provide an overall better look to an installed carpet kit. Mass Backing is available on almost all molded carpet kits.



Available Carpet Styles :


Auto Custom Carpet Available Materials


We offer many material options to provide your vehicle with the look and feel of original factory carpeting. Although you have several choices for carpet material for your vehicle, the closest match to your model's factory carpet will be suggested in our Application Guide next to your vehicle model. All materials are offered in both carpet kits and floor mats for a perfect match for your interior. Available in over 230 colors.


Cutpile : Standard in most factory vehicles from 1974 and up. Made of 100% Nylon.

Loop : Common in many vehicles before 1974. Made of a Nylon and Rayon blend.

Nylon : Originally used in late 1960s Fords. Made of 100% Nylon.

Truvette : Introduced in the early 1990s for Chevrolet Corvettes. Made of 100% Nylon.

Daytona : Introduced around 1954 for GM vehicles. Made of a Cotton, Nylon, and a Rayon blend.

Tuxedo : Unique, retro look for a classic project. Made of Nylon and Olefin fibers.

Gros Point : Made for early muscle cars and full-sized passenger vehicles of the 1950s and 1960s. Made of 100% Nylon.



The Canada Seat Skins Co. is also pleased to offer Vinyl as an alternative to carpet for most Trucks, Jeeps, SUVs, Vans and a limited number of cars.

This flooring is made of a Vinyl Alloy material, and acts as a durable solution for construction vehicles, off-roading vehicles, or high foot traffic vehicles.

Vinyl flooring is available in 4 colors : Black, Grey, Beige, and Medium Blue.

Auto Custom Carpet Vinyl

Auto Custom Carpet Vinyl Colors

Custom Floor Mats :

We offer a large range of custom floor mats for just about any vehicle. This automotive necessity adds style and protection to your vehicle's carpet.

Our floor mats are available in the same materials and colors as our carpets kits, excluding vinyl. All floor mat sets have the option to be customized with any of our 230+ licensed embroidered logos.

Mats are custom cut to fit your make and model. If we do not have custom cut mats specifically for your vehicle, we offer generic and notched floor mats in a variety of colors.

Auto Custom Carpet Logos

Our mats come standard with a no-slip nibbed backing and vinyl or serge bindings.

Auto Custom Carpet Floor Mats Backing


Custom Trunk Mats :

We offer 6 materials to choose from, in over 40 patterns, to provide function and durability to your trunk cargo area.


Auto Custom Carpet Trunk Mats Material


Vinyl : Commonly used in most vehicles in the early 1960s

Burtex : Made of Ecofi Dura-Lock Foss Polyester, originally used for early 1950s model Fords and Mercurys

Foam : Originally used in mid 1970s GM vehicles

Fleece : Made of grey pinseal embossed PVC facing and white Polyester non-woven backing

Felt : Originally used in late 1970s GM cars, made of polypropylene non-woven, non-backed material

Cardboard : A fibreboard measuring .70" in thickness, first used in early 1950s Ford and Mercury vehicles


All of our trunk patterns are CNC cut or Molded to fit your vehicle.

Auto Custom Carpet Trunk Mats


Sound Deadeners :

Our sound deadening kits insulate against heat and help to drown out engine and road noise. We offer pre-cut kits for many vehicles, and for those vehicles that we do not have pre-cut patterns available for, you can purchase the material in bulk sheets and custom cut them for your own applications. Available in 3 materials: EVA, Foil, or Mastic.


Auto Custom Carpet Foil Material

EVA : approximately 1/8" thick barrier made of asphaltic mastic, poly film, and black paper backing, commonly used in vehicles from the 1960s to the 1980s. A full sheet of this material is 68" x 54".

FOIL : approximately 1/4" thick barrier made of jute padding and foil, commonly used in vehicles as a heat barrier against the fire wall or catalytic converter. A full sheet of this material is 72" x 48".

MASTIC : approximately 1/2" thick barrier made of jute padding, asphaltic mastic and black paper backing, commonly used in Corvettes. A full sheet of this material is 72" x 48".  *Note: Thickness of this backing may affect carpet fit.

Auto Custom Carpet Mastic Sound Material


*Note: All carpet kits come without pre-cut holes, and are made long and wide for a custom fit to every vehicle. Trimming and modification will be required by the installer.

For an overview of how to install a carpet kit, check out our tips and tricks with our INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.


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