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Auto Custom Carpet Installation Tips

Tips and Tricks for Installing Your New Carpet Kit


These instructions are an overview of a carpet install, not all steps will apply to your vehicle.


When you first receive your new carpet kit, remove it from the box and smooth the molded contours back into shape. Leave the carpet laid out in room temperature for a recommended 12-24 hours.This step is important because it allows the material to adjust and regain its shape, and lessen the wrinkles from being folded while shipping.


Remove your vehicle sill plates, seat belts, kick panels, and driving pedals (if mounted to the floor). Next remove the front and rear seats. Once the area is clear, you can remove the old carpeting. Do not throw out the old carpet yet. After the old carpet has been removed, be sure to leave the body insulation on the floor of the vehicle and do not remove the catalytic converter shield if there is one.


Place your old carpet on top of your new carpeting to use as a guide. Mark the holes from the old carpet onto the new carpet. Since all carpet kits come long and wide for a custom fit, you can begin to cut the outside edge of your new carpet using your old one as a guide. Do not over-cut your new carpet. Leave an extra inch around the new carpets perimeter.


Place all bolts back into their original holes. This helps to line up your hole markings when installing the carpet and ensures you will make your cuts in the correct spots.


If your carpet is a one piece, place inside the vehicle centering it on the transmission tunnel and work it towards the outside. If your carpet is a two piece, place the rear carpet in first, followed by the front.


Please make sure your carpet is smoothly laid against the floor pan in all areas before making any cuts. Once you are satisfied with the fit of the carpet, you may begin making cuts. Ensure your hole markings are correctly over top of the bolts. When cutting, it is better to start with a small slit and just fit the cut over the object or enlarge as needed than to start with a marking sized hole. Push the carpet over the bolts.


Fold back an area of carpet and apply adhesive, then firmly press the carpet back into position. Using an automotive spray adhesive gives a smoother fit, and the carpet is less likely to move over time. Continue to do this step to each section of carpet around the floor. Slip the carpet under the kick panels, door panels and valances. Trim the excess carpet around the edges for a perfect fit.


Once you are satisfied with the fit and trim of your carpet, you can reinstall the rear seat, followed by the front. Then reinstall all sill plates, seat belts, kick panels, and driving pedals.


Thank you for choosing Automotive Custom Carpet from The Canada Seat Skins Co.