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2019 - 2023 Ford Ranger Katzkin Custom Leather Seat Sale

2019 - 2023 Ford Ranger Custom Leather Upholstery

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Quick Overview


We offer a complete line of custom Katzkin leather upholstery for the new 2019 - 2023 Ford Ranger Super Crew and Super Cab models.


Packages are available with custom two tone designs and in several different leather trim levels to suit any budget. Select from designer pre configured color combinations or create your own unique design.


Detailed Ford Ranger specific pattern schematics, color charts and leather content descriptions are available within the "colors and diagrams tab" below.

Ford Ranger Custom Leather Options


2019 - 2023 Ford Ranger custom leather interiors are available in 3 leather trim levels and can be fully customized to suit your style and budget. Select your model year to begin your custom configuration.



Available Trim Levels (Leather vs Vinyl) :


  • Base Leather Trimmed
  • Premium Leather Faced
  • Luxurious 100% Genuine Leather


What's Included:


  • All Front Seat Upholstery
  • All Rear Seat Upholstery
  • All Head Rest and Arm Upholstery
  • Rear Map Pocket Upholstery (Sewn in Design)
  • Free Delivery to Canada and the Continental USA
  • 3 Year, 36000 Mile Manufacturers Warranty Against Defects in Workmanship


What's Optional :


  • Luxury Material Upgrades
  • Leather Content Upgrades
  • Custom Two and Three Tone Designs
  • Custom Accent Stitching and Accent Piping
  • Perforated or Diamond Stitched Inserts
  • Premium Seat Heating and Cooling Kits
  • Additional Bulk Materials


Available 2019 - 2023 Ford Ranger Vehicle Configurations


  • 2019 - 2023 Ford Ranger Reg Cab (Front Bucket Seats)
  • 2019 - 2023 Ford Ranger Super Cab (Front Bucket Seats)
  • 2019 - 2023 Ford Ranger Super Crew (Front Bucket Seats)

**Packages are available to replace factory cloth on all popular trim levels. XLT, XTR and FX4 .**



2019 - 2023 Ford Ranger Recommended Color Match Information


  • Factory Black Trim - Select Black
  • Factory Medium Earth Grey Trim - Select Lt. Grey, Charcoal or Lapis
  • Factory Medium Stone Trim - Select Puddy


2019 - 2023 Ford Ranger Pre Configured "Quick Order" Designs


  • Single Color Black with Black Stitching
  • Single Color Black with Silver Stitching
  • Single Color Black with Red Stitching (Perforated Inserts)
  • Single Color Black with Red Stitching, Red Piping (Perforated Inserts)
  • Single Color Black with Stone Stitching, Stone Piping (Perforated Inserts)
  • Black with Cobalt Wings and Cobalt Stitching
  • Black with Orange Wings and Orange Stitching
  • Black with Red Wings and Red Stitching
  • Black with Ash Wings, Ash Stitching and Ash Piping (Perforated Inserts)
  • Black with Salsa Wings, Salsa Stitching and Salsa Piping (Perforated Inserts)
  • Black with Cobalt Inserts and Cobalt Stitching (Perforated Inserts)
  • Black with Salsa Red Inserts and Salsa Red Stitching (Perforated Inserts)
  • Black with Medium Red Inserts and Medium Red Stitching (Perforated Inserts)
  • Black with Coffee Faces, Black Wings and Ash Stitching (Perforated Inserts)
  • Black with Cognac Faces, Black Wings and Black Stitching (Perforated Inserts)
  • Medium Red, Black Faces, Med Red Wings, Med Red Stitching (Perforated Inserts)
  • Black with Barracuda Red "Color Perforated" Inserts, Red Stitching and Red Piping
  • Puddy with Puddy Stitching
  • Puddy with Black Stitching (Perforated Inserts)
  • Puddy with Black Stitching, Black Piping (Perforated Inserts)
  • Puddy with Black Wings, Black Stitching, Black Piping (Perforated Inserts)
  • Black with Puddy Body, Puddy Wings and Puddy Stitching (Perforated Inserts)


Important Installation Notes


Factory heated seats are not effected and do not need to be replaced when installing new leather upholstery.



Important Ordering Notes


Create your own design or select from one of our popular pre configured (not pre manufactured) designs. Stone Grey is the best match to the factory grey accent stitching in the Ranger. Super Cab and Super Crew patterns are not interchangeable.



Returns and Exchanges


Please note that all of our 2019 - 2023 Ford Ranger custom Katzkin leather upholstery packages are manufactured to order based on your selections and as such are non returnable or refundable. A comprehensive 3 year, 36000 mile manufacturers warranty covers any defects in workmanship. Warranty registration and care instructions are included in with your package.



2019 - 2023 Ford Ranger - VIS Seat Selector Reference List by Color



Single Tone VIS Design List

  • K2060-100 - Select Single Color Black (Pearl Piping)
  • F1218-100 - Select Single Color Black (Black Stitching)
  • F1326-100 - Select Single Color Black (Grey Stitching)
  • F1325-110 - Select Single Color Puddy (Puddy Stitching)


Black Primary Color VIS Design List

  • K2061-100 - Select Black with Cement Wings
  • K2063-100 - Select Black with Light Grey Wings
  • K2062-100 - Select Black with Barracuda Blue Wings
  • K2064-100 - Select Black with Barracuda Orange Inserts
  • K2066-100 - Select Black with Barracuda Red Inserts
  • K2065-100 - Select Black with Puddy Body and Wings
  • K2066-100 - Select Black with Cardinal Wings
  • K2067-100 - Select Black with Tan Wings
  • K2068-100 - Select Black with Pearl Wings
  • K2061-100 - Select Black with Lt Grey Faces, Black Wings
  • K2072-100 - Select Black with Barracuda Flint Body
  • K2073-100 - Select Black with Raven Suede Body


Puddy Primary Color VIS Design List

  • K2060-110 - Puddy with Black Wings
  • K2060-110 - Puddy with Java Inserts
  • K2062-110 - Puddy with Java Faces, Puddy Wings


Various Primary Color VIS Design List

  • K2060-136 - Select Medium Red, Black Face, Medium Red Wings


Free Shipping on All 2019 - 2023 Ford Ranger Katzkin Leather Interiors

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Not sure about your color selections ? Want Samples ? 


We offer recommended "best color match" information in each product description as well as a list of most popular model specific two tone combinations to get you started but you can also order a full color sample kit as well for a minimal fee with free delivery.


If you are looking for something custom, nothing beats having the real color swatches on hand and in your vehicle. Select the link below to order your color sample kit. 

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